‘I learned to like a rapist and a traitor’

Come to a talk on The Last Highlander at Waterstones Aberdeen (Union Bridge branch) tomorrow, 23 May and hear how, according to The Inverness Courier ‘I learned to like a rapist and traitor’.

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charming old-fashioned virtue

The late Lady Lovat as a girl of perhaps 16, naturally modest, averts her eyes from a curious group of naked Papua New Guinea men. Cannibalism was still practised. He’s hard to pick out, but I like the man in the background, arms folded – watching lunch come ashore?

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Fraser making



Also out next month is Sarah Fraser’s The Last Highlander (Harper Press, £20), her compelling biography of Lovat of the ‘45, the last Scottish nobleman to be executed for treason. Despite her surname, Fraser is actually an Essex girl – albeit a particularly classy one. She has married not just once, but twice, into the Fraser-Lovat clan, first to Kit Fraser, author of The Joy of Talk (Quartet Books, 2010) and owner of Hootenanny’s pub and music venue in Inverness, and then to Kim Fraser, uncle of both the 16th Lord Lovat and the model Honor Fraser.

Still, if you want to write books, why not marry a Fraser? After all, it’s worked for Antonia Fraser, Fitzroy Maclean and even William Dalrymple. Is this the real secret of bestsellerdom? Or is there an even more literate clan out there?

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